Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your Santa Fe Trip. We offer some of the best Vacations Rentals in Santa Fe. Unlike other vacation rentals, our vacation rentals have:

  • Private Entrances
  • Private Baths
  • 2 Free Museum Tickets for all major museums in Santa Fe
  • No Cleaning Fees (no other fees at all)

Gathering Space at Casa Cuma

We, Colleen and Shaan, your hosts, live in the Plaza area in the heart of Santa Fe. Please come visit anytime. We have a lot of information about Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. You are welcome to stop by to visit with us, or just to enjoy the following:

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week access to a living room at Casa Cuma Bed & Breakfast where you can find:
    • freshly brewed coffee, 24 hours a day
    • a wide variety of hot teas
    • hot chocolates
    • bottled waters
    • yogurts
    • granola bars
    • All of the above included at no extra charge
  • Free Parking at Casa Cuma Bed & Breakfast, just half a mile from the actual plaza, of course parking at the vacation rentals also.

Our Vacation Rentals