Booking and Housekeeping Service


If you have a guesthouse or a second home in Santa Fe, we are happy to provide booking and housekeeping service. There is no cost to join. We have 12 years of experience doing just this for many elite properties in Santa Fe:


  • Bookings – Cost 10%. This is just like Airbnb, which will include Santa Fe Trip LLC voluntarily collecting and paying the Lodgers as well as Gross Receipts taxes for your bookings through us.


  • Housekeeping – Cost 25%.


This is a packaged service at 35% total cost that covers bookings and housekeeping. We mail you a check by 15th of the month for the prior month’s bookings.


Property Management:


If you are looking for a property manager, we also have option to upgrade to Property Management level. This will require:


  1. Sign a Property Management Agreement with us.
  2. Agree to list your property with us if you decide to sell during the Property Management Agreement period.
  3. Agree to add us to your property insurance as a co-beneficiary.


Give us a call and we will walk you through the whole process.