There is a local event called Zozobra on Friday evening. If Old Taos Hwy is closed at your arrival, please follow this alternative route:

On Paseo de Peralta, go west from Old Taos Hwy to the next light which is Griffin Street.

=> Turn RIGHT on Griffin Street.  Stay to the right on Griffin Street. The road becomes Rio GRANDE Ave. Go 0.2 miles.

=> Turn RIGHT at Piñon Rd.  Piñon Rd curves to the left and then to the right.  Go 0.2 miles and the pavement ends when the road comes to a T at Vera Dr.

=> Turn RIGHT at VERA DRIVE.  Go 0.2 miles.  Vera Road comes to a T at La Cruz Rd.

=> Turn RIGHT at LA CRUZ Rd. Stay to the right.  La Cruz will turn into Paseo de la Cuma. Go 0.2 miles on Paseo de la Cuma.  The pavement will start again. We are on your LEFT at 105 Paseo de la Cuma.


Zozobra is a very unusual event that has been part of Santa Fe Fiesta since 1926. The whole community, along with the visitors to Santa Fe, gets together just two blocks from our home to write, and then burn all our worries. There is local music, carnival food and fireworks. We highly recommend you buy tickets, starting at $10, in advance from to avoid the long lines. We encourage that you do go since it is a very unusual experience. The event does not allow any alcohol for safety reasons.